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Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area

This Program is designed for workers handling Hazardous Waste in a Satillite Accumulation Area. This course is not designes for Workers who Sign Hazardous Waste Manifests, See our of Hazardous Waste Classes. This Program will help the learner understand the basics of RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act). The Program is designed to give and overview of RCRA with a focus on Satillite Accumulation Ares.

Course Length 2hrs



RCRA Resourse Conservation and Recovery Act

U.S. EPA Enacted RCRA in 1976 as one of the most comprehensive environmental laws in the United States.
This course is for anyone who:
1. Generates Hazardous Waste
2. Manages Hazardous Waste
3. Signs Hazardous Waste Manifests
4. Uses a Satellite Accumulation Area
5. Handles Hazardous Waste in Anyway