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Lets talk GHS the new OSHA Global Harmonization  System, or is it? A few questions you should be asking are as follows:

Where did this come from?

Why are the category numbers in reverse of the NFPA Fire diamond?

What really did change on the SDS safety data sheet besides the M?

What other employees are greatly affected by these changes?

Did any other regulations change because of GHS?

If you don’t know these answers you might not know GHS.¬† Many of our customers are receiving a one hour class to explain the new regulation. This time frame may seem adequate but do your employees really understand what a SINGLE TARGET ORGAN EXPOSURE CATAGORY 3 really is? How about a category 1A CARCINOGEN, where did the letters come from.¬† If you have these or similar questions give us a call we know GHS and you will too.