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Corona Virus, Flu, Airborne Disease Prevention, Control Awareness and Basic Response Training

Level I training

Training will be customized for specific tasks and functions of employees

T.I.G.E.R. Training Corp. is pleased to offer a comprehensive Awareness and Basic skills course training in understanding localized control of airborne disease transmission and employee safety.

With the rapid spread of the Corona Virus and the transmission of other viral infections, knowing what to do, even before an event becomes an emergency, is imperative and impacts the entire workplace.

This course can be performed on-site as well as via Webex training class, from the comfort of the participant’s office or home.

This training is designed for anyone having interaction with the public and who may work in an environment where exposure potential may exist.

Such as…

  • office personnel
  • field personnel who have direct interaction with the public
  • janitorial staff
  • teachers
  • building maintenance personnel
  • retail workers
  • restaurant employees
  • service related personnel

Topics to be covered:

Level I

  • Virus Exposure potentials
  • Employee Safety
  • Exposure Awareness and Control
  • Office Exposure Protocols
  • Proper Sanitizers
  • Correct use of sanitizers
  • Preparing solutions for cleaning and disinfection
  • Basic PPE
  • Basics of Respirators Truths and Myths
  • Basic use of Respirators (OSHA Guidelines)
  • Reporting exposures
  • Post exposure procedures
  • When to seek Professional Help
  • Reporting requirements

Level II Training

T.I.G.E.R. Training Corp. also offers higher level response classes for janitorial staff, facility and maintenance workers in both office environments and residential environments.

For additional information please call 781-837-6710 or email linda@tigertrainingcorp.com.